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Order hypergrid access to Sacrarium from your grid


How it works?

Access to the Sacrarium from other grids is limited and based on a 'whitelist'.  You can order access to Sacrarium for all users of your grid. Your grid will be added to the Sacrarium whitelist and you will have access for all users on a monthly subscription basis. You do not need to be a grid administrator. Just fill out the form below and order access for your grid for a month. Any content you can find in our freebie shops is completely free! All funds raised will be used to develop the Sacrarium and improve user service.

Only $25

Per month

All users of your grid will have unlimited access to content in Sacrarium freebie for the entire month.

Just a few simple rules that we recommend to follow when using  Sacrarium subscription:*

  1. Please do not change the permissions of objects from the Sacrarium with the help of God mode. Save the name of the creator and logos (if it present).Try it now!
  2. Sacrarium stuff cannot be redistributed at other freebie stores. All objects are for personal use only.Try it now!
  3. Do not use child avatars to access the Sacrarium. Child avatars are prohibited. If you are using child avatars on your home grid, please change it before entering the Sacrarium.Tr
  4. Please, no drama in Sacrarium. Let's respect each other!)

Why did the Sacrarium change the hypergrid access policy?

We strive to provide a safe and friendly space for our users.

Welcome to Sacrarium family!

By participating in our promotion you stimulate the interest of the freebie shops creators to find and create new unique content for the entire OpenSim community.

What you get

Access for all users of your grid

Premium content for absolutely free

Friendly Grid status

Many people will want to join your grid in order to get premium access too

For a month

ATTENTION! Premium content for personal use only. Re-distribution to other freebie stores is not allowed.

You can also become a resident of Sacrarium grid

If you are looking for a friendly and secure grid with a lot of content, then this is exactly what you need!

ATTENTION! First of all, please, make sure that your grid is not blocking own user access to the Sacrarium! 

Order hypergrid access for your grid

Fill out the form below:

One of our team will be in contact with you asap.

The content is constantly updated

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Notice area

* If the terms of use of the subscription are violated, then we may ask the administrator of your grid to assist in eliminating the violation. If your grid administrator refuses or ignores violations, the subscription can be canceled. Refunds are not provided in this case.

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