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The basic principles
the New Order

The time of SNO

The Concept of the New Order is a global update of the Sacrarium grid policy aimed at improving the service and social interaction with users. Within the framework of the Sacrarium concept, the grid focuses primarily on the external users. This means that the Sacrarium is used as a playground primarily for users from other grids. This policy will prevent overloading the local user database and their inventory. In addition, it will become a protection against uncontrolled registration of fake accounts.

Whats new?

 New web address, simpler and more intuitive:

 New web-based interface for working with mobile devices. Now you can carry the Sacrarium in your pocket wherever you go. You can get full information about statistics, read news, follow the project’s social networks and find out about new products.

Soziarium is a social network for users from all virtual worlds. Here you can find out about the latest news, chat with friends, share screenshots, have a party and much more. The Soziarium is also intended for use on mobile devices. The Soziarium has an account confirmation system, so lovers of drama and fakes will no longer bother you.

 New databases, faster processing of assets. Now more reliable and does not contain excess garbage. New protected equipment.

 New Sacrarium grid account registration policy. Registration in the Sacrarium is available only for the following categories of users:

1. Staff

2. Tenants of the regions

3. Trusted Sacrarium friends

4. Invited users

As before, no currency and no trading for real currency. We continue to adhere to this policy. This is due to the specifics of the content in the Opensim Metaverse, which means that most of the content is not licensed, or there are doubts about authorship. We do not allow the opportunity to trade objects without a valid license. 

You can find the rest of the grid rules in the “Grid rules” section.