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About SIPR

Project Details

The project reflects an objective rating of Sacrarium grid popularity in comparison with the most popular projects in the OpenSim universe. Previously, the most reliable information about the popularity of grids and user activity could be found on the pages of magazine “Hypergrid Business”. HB has changed its publication policy towards lobbying the interests of primarily commercial grids. The most successful non-commercial projects, including the Sacrarium were excluded from the popularity list. HB popularity rating ceased to reflect real data and became incomplete. To correct inaccuracies in the absolute popularity rating, the Sacrarium launched its own independent project for calculating statistics. Sacrarium grid policy is based on the reliability of the data provided on the statistics of visits and does not contain attempts to artificially inflate or underestimate the attendance indicators. Sacrarium grid is a free and non-profit project that does not derive any financial benefits based on its position in the overall popularity rating. Therefore, we can safely say that SIPR is by far the most reliable source of data.

When using rating data, it is necessary to keep in mind a number of features:

1. The rating of other grids is shown in the table relative to the Sacrarium rating, which is why there are only a few positions here to more accurately show the Sacrarium's place in the overall popularity list.

2. Data on the popularity of grids other than Sacrarium, with some probability, may be inaccurate, given the fact that they are obtained from the rating published by Hypergrid Business. Sacrarium is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of this data.

3. Today, the Sacrarium consists of two parts: the Public grid ( , open for registration to all comers, which is the main platform for communication, and the Internal grid (Sacrarium New Order, , which supports only the most promising projects and today has limited registration. Given that both projects are two parts of a single whole, but at the same time have their own popularity rating, we combine these data to get an overall picture of the popularity of Sacrarium Grid. At the same time, we also publish separate indicators for each of them.