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This post was created to discuss the latest article about the Soziarium in VOS: "Soziarium : For those who know ;)"

In addition, it is also an experiment by Murzilla Potapov, who wants to try to use the Sozarium for framed comments in the VOS articles.

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Magnus Morgenstern

High Fidelity, the once VR-focused studio from Second Life creator Philip Rosedale is laying off a significant portion of the team as it moves away from development of its open-source, blockchain-based VR platform of the same name.

blog post from the company says that the layoffs affect half of the developers employed at the studio, including “developers, designers, program managers, marketers, and support professionals,” though specific numbers aren’t mentioned. The studio also notes that it is “giving those affected time and support to find new positions in the New Year.”

Aww Im so dissapointed. But if we will hurry, we can download source from github. Who knows what we can made with it... When I meet HF at first I was so empressed, because it looks pretty good and works fine, new engine. But later I fiind that it is so away from Opensim. There was a lack of free creation, everything more difficult, even scripting. I cant understand why they just not to redo Opensim with new engine? They can spend a lot of fukn money for HF but dont want spend it for something more really, something that already can be a prototipe? Or just create a new viewer with Unity3D, for example. Every year I test new solutions, new projects for find something better than Opensim but I find nothing jet...

Now You can use Soziarium right from virtual environment of Sacrarium. Just click on the top right search textbox to open Soziarium in your built-in Firestorm browser. It will works over the grids and you can communicate with your friends from all grids and friends who use Soziarium in cellphone from real life. (handshake)
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