Soziarium 3DX: My first impressions from Magnus Morgenstern's blog

Recently, SNO added a new service — Soziarium 3DX. I would like to share my impressions of this service, which I received over the past 3 days. Soziarium 3DX is a three-dimensional virtual world, like OpenSim. Here you can also create avatars and do the same things that we used to do in Sacrarium. But there are a number of features that I would like to describe. I am writing this more for myself, in order to determine my opinion on this matter. Maybe it will be interesting to someone else.

1. Avatars are created with a very limited amount of detail. We cannot modify the face of an avatar, we can choose one of three or four types of faces. The number of varieties of clothing is also quite small. You can choose clothes and change their color. Body settings are also limited, compared to OpenSim. Avatar can run and walk. HUD with animations already exists. There are animations of dancing, sitting, standing, lying, sex, etc. Avatars cannot fly and teleport.

2. The camera and movement are controlled with the mouse and cursor. At first this is very unusual, but then I got used to it. It turned out to be quite convenient.

3. Very good and modern graphics - this is the first thing that catches your eye. Everything looks very beautiful, even at the lowest settings. The client is very well optimized, but weighs more than 2 GB. Apparently, all the content is on the client side.

4. Each user receives their own region immediately after registration. The size of the region, apparently, is completely unlimited. Here you can create a truly huge seamless world. The peculiarity of the regions is that they are online only when you are online. As soon as you go offline, the region is also turned off. By default, the region is private. You can change the status of the region to public, then users can visit it.

5. World Editor. The construction system is somewhat similar to OpenSim. There are primitives that you can modify, rotate, etc. There is a system of materials that represent a very realistic texture. Interestingly, materials can interact with the environment. For example, if you build an island out of sand, then where water gets on the sand, the sand becomes wet. The same thing happens with other materials. The bad news is that nothing can be imported here. Neither textures nor new models can be loaded into the simulator. The number of materials is comparable with the number of textures in Minecraft. Indeed, this system is more like Minecraft for adults in high resolution. Bad emotions about this quickly passed when I saw what other users were creating with a fairly large set of primitives. This is really impressive. The most interesting thing is that each user can save objects and regions to a separate file. You can save the region to a file and share it with your friends. The weight of the file is very small and contains mainly a description of the coordinates. Not that iar or oar files, which sometimes weigh a lot and contain huge archives. I really liked the editor. You just need to forget about what I'm used to in OpenSim and enjoy the process of creating new objects from primitives. It really looks like creativity. Before creating a location, you need to create all the necessary props. This principle is similar to a professional computer game editor.

6. Sex, a lot of sex. With live people and bots. It looks very naturalistic. Compared to this, OpenSim is just cardboard dolls. I will not comment on this here. Most realistic sex simulator.

7. Social functions are the same as in OpenSim. Profiles, add to friends, blacklist, partnership and wedding. Partnership here means consent to interact with another user, but not a line in your profile. A partnership can have up to three people.


Conclusion. Given that I have always lived in OpenSim, here I am on foreign territory. But I like to use this medium as a sandbox, just to dilute the routine. There is also a radio here! The Soz 3DX is something in between with OpenSim and Minecraft for adults. I love Opensim and l like Minecraft time to time. Soz 3DX will not be able to replace OpenSim, but will help to become another place where you can have fun when you get tired of OpenSim.

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Alvina Vanima
Interesting, thank you.
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