Zero Factorial Studio
This is the official group of Zero Factorial in SoZ. Here you can find out development news, about new products, changes and so on. We are developing the "WorldBox" project and something else related to the virtual worlds and OpenSim. If you are interested in OpenSim and follow WorldBox, t...
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Second Hand
Wholesale warehouse Second Hand opensim hypergrid Sacrarium grid! Hand
25 members
Women's clothing store!!!
12 members
MG men
Every man wants to look fashionable, original and elegant. And an important role in this is played by the quality of men's clothing. And if you intend to purchase fashionable and stylish clothes, then welcome to us! The newest store is located at men
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Soziarium group
Discussions on the work of the Soziarium, news and changes.
6 members
Women's clothing store!!!
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Sacrarium Wild FIre
Welcome to Sacrarium Wild Fire a club where you can share your music with everyone
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Project Kohaku
virtual world project kohaku pushing boundaries and creativity on the opensimulator platform.URI:
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OSWRS (OpenSimWorkingRadioStreams)
This community is totally about commercial free music streams, ad free music, and no talk music as best we can get, void of any corporate interruptions to sell their junk. and can be heard 24/7 either in your browser or OpenSimulator Virtual Platform ( ) Click on any blue...
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Arkham City
Choose the best one "Arkham City"#ao #dance #animation #bento#opensim #free #freebies #freecontent #bento #meshbodys#Opensim #Meshbody #arkhamcitygrid
18 members
Fashionistas island
Fashionistas island web site Fashionistas island is an opensim region at sacrarium grid dedicated to fashion, styling and photography. In Fashionistas we are creating styling proposal vendors by collecting the best matching content Each styling proposal vendor is a complete wardrobe proposal ...
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Expo Sacrarium Sacrarium 
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Sacrarium Plaza
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Morgensternheim Castle Morgensternheim is the most romantic place for secret meeting and recreation. The castle is made in the Gothic style, filled with secrets and shadows of the past. Here you will find an abandoned garden, shady alleys, magnificent waterfalls, intricate corrido...
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 ~ S & S ~
Welcome to ~ S & S ~Feel free to love the posts. I will know that we are doing everything right for you!
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~I LoVe LiLi~
This is all the girls love))))
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Sacrarium - 7th Heaven
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Opensim Virtual
Our community is dedicated to constructing virtual worlds on OpenSim platform. Opensim worlds look like popular virtual worlds in Second Life project with the same viewers and game mechanics. But there is one feature: most things here is free and open source. Today, OpenSim has hundreds of servers a...
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Sacrarium Grid
This community is dedicated to Sacrarium virtual world build on the Open Simulator platform. Sacrarium it is one of most popular virtual world who seeks to provide the very best for those who are ready to accept it. This is community of the people which likes arts, freebies, friends and unstoppable ...
22 members
Opensim - Hypergrid - Freebies - Free Content - Sharing is Caring!
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