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Sacrarium grid

Feel home but not forget you are guest :)

  • 0.0. Sacrarium is not a commercial grid. And all assets are issued on the basis of nonproliferation and non-use for commercial purposes. For use ONLY in the Sacrarium grid.
  • 0. Sacrarium is a grid for adults. Only 18+.
  • 1. We have absolute zero tolerance to the copybot drama both in the world and in social networks. If you see something copied in any region of this grid, report the ASP so that we can ban you (see FAQ).
  • 2. We do not condone drama on the grid or in social networks, and we can not indulge in the resale of any item in any form from our grid for free or for profit. Elements should be used only for personal use, and not for sale for money in any grid. If you are a witness of how someone publishes a drama in social networks about copybot or reselling our goods for profit, please report this as soon as possible. This person or persons (and grids too) will be immediately banned.
  • 3. Here, in Sacrarium, we want you to be happy, and also thank for the things you receive from us in this grid. We would like to see gratitude for the free items that you are gifted with, and hope that you will join us.
  • 4. We ask you to behave like civilians, regardless of whether you are furry or some other avatar. Please be polite and say hello to everyone. If you encounter the one who causes the drama, report it so that they are accordingly banned. Please share the details from the grid, as well as landmarks, so that others can enjoy the privileges of free times.
  • 5. If you are an owner of the land, but do not use your land for a long time, your right to land will be canceled and all buildings will be deleted. The term "long absence" means that you have not visited your region once, in the last 20 days.
  • 6. We prefer donation. Thank you for support us.
  • 7. Subject as any staff, manager or owner or co-owner deems it necessary.
  • 8. We are not responsible for the safety of your region and inventory. But we are doing our best to preserve it.
  • 9. We are NOT HAVE copybot items here. There is no evidence that anything is a copybot. By proof we mean a document that can be presented in court (see FAQ).
  • 10. It is forbidden to use god power to take things from other people's shops and to open copying and/or transfer permissions if they were closed. Violating equal ban.
  • 11. Exporting stuff from Sacrarium to Second Life for selling is equally copybot sellings. Persons and grids how does so will banned immediately.
  • 12. It is not allowed to use Darkstorm or another copybot viewer here. Sacrarium absolutely zero tolerate to copybot in all forms.
  • 14. Sacrarium provides free land only to those users who do not have their land in other grids. If the user already has his land in a different grid, but has claimed free land in the Sacrarium, then this deal will be canceled as soon as the administration knows about it. All user-lost assets will not be recovered.
  • 15. Sacrarium is not responsible for the content posted by users. Responsibility for the posted content lies with the users themselves.
  • 16. If you don’t like Sacrarium, please, don’t use Sacrarium. If you use Sacrarium that means that you agreed with our grid policy.